Effective immediately the Franklin Town Hall Office Building IS CLOSED TO PUBLIC ACCESS until further notice.  However, Town Staff will be conducting business by phone, mail, email and/or teleconference when necessary.  Please contact Department Staff directly with any questions and requests.  You can find "Contact Information" on our Website under each Department and/or Boards & Commissions. 


Town of Franklin, Office of the First Selectman, Franklin Town Hall, 7 Meeting House Hill Road, Franklin, Connecticut 06254.  TELEPHONE: 860-642-6055 ext: 16     Mobile: 860-886-3114    FAX: 860-642-6606.  WEBSITE: www.franklinct.com    EMAIL: franklin@99main.com    

I want to notify all Town residents that I received a call from Patrick McCormack, our Director of Health, at the Uncas Health District this morning. The Town of Franklin has received its first positive test result for the Covid-19 virus. I have no other information to share, other than the positive test result. All appropriate authorities have been notified, in accordance with HIPPA regulations. I wanted to let residents know before the local news outlets broadcast it. Please be assured that Town Staff are taking all precautions required to keep themselves, their families and residents safe while providing essential services. The Franklin Town Hall is open for business, but is restricting access to the Public. If you call us with an issue, we will try to accommodate you.

             We will follow up with more information as it becomes available.

 Please, feel free to reach out to me with any concerns. 860-886-3114

Sincerely, Charles Grant, III, First Selectman, Town of franklin


     Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - COVID-19


In addition to the following Websites, (CT Department of Public Health & Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), your local health directors and health district directors are great sources of information including points on preparedness.  The CT DPH has been holding regular weekly conference calls with local health officials to keep them updated on the situation. 

Please see the Franklin Website and click-on tabs "Departments" and "Health District" for our local district contact information.



William Eyberse, Director of Emergency Management


            The Town of Franklin Board of Selectmen held a meeting this morning with representatives from Franklin Elementary School, Janet Carlson Calvert Library, Woodward Museum, Franklin Senior Center, Commission on Aging, Office of Emergency Management, Franklin Volunteer Fire Department, Town of Franklin Public Works, and the Land Use Administrative Assistant present.

            After extensive discussion with Staff, and review of directives from the Uncas Health District and the Region 4 Department of Emergency Management/Homeland Security, the following decisions were made by the Board of Selectmen.

The Franklin Board of Selectmen declared a State of Emergency this morning, March 17, 2020. This declaration will make the Town eligible to apply for Federal and or State reimbursement in the event emergency costs are incurred due to this crisis.

The Franklin Town Hall will be closed to public access effective today, March 17, 2020. Accommodations are being made for the research of land records and title searches, so as not to affect real estate closings. Staff will continue to report as scheduled. Access by phone or e-mail will be available. Tax payments can be made by calling the Tax Collector and making arrangements. Payroll and vendor invoices will continue to be processed. There will be no Town Hall hours on Tuesday evenings until further notice.

The Woodward Museum, Janet Calvert Carlson Library, and the Franklin Senior Center will close today, March 17, 2020. These facilities will follow the Franklin Elementary School closure, not opening until school is back in session. Town staff at these facilities will continue to report to work as scheduled.

All events at the Franklin Fire Department Hall have been cancelled and no future events will be booked for the near future. The Fire Department has suspended all public activities and they are on hold until further notice. All emergency services are in force and will continue to provide coverage to the Town.

Public Works will continue to report to work and perform their duties. The Transfer Station operations have been cancelled for the month of April.

 Social services will be coordinating food and supply baskets for shut-ins and any residents in need. If you know of a family in need, please reach out to me.

This is a very fluid situation and is changing very quickly.  I want to reassure all residents that Town Staff is implementing measures to keep Town operations functional, ensure a safe work environment for our staff, and continue to provide services to our residents. This will undoubtedly lead to inconveniences for some of us. We will continue to work to provide services.

             We will follow up with more information as it becomes available.

 Please, feel free to reach out to me with any concerns. 860-886-3114

Sincerely, Charles Grant, III, Russell Beisiegel, Thomas Craney, Town of Franklin Board of Selectmen

FIRST SELECTMAN'S NOTICE - 1  (March 17, 2020)

            With the concerns about the Covid 19 virus all around us, The Board of Selectmen would like to reassure all Town residents that steps are being taken to deal with this ever-changing situation. The Board of Selectman is currently working with Town of Franklin Department Heads, Emergency Management, and Franklin Elementary School Administration to implement protocols to address health concerns. More information will be available in the coming days. This is a fluid situation that will require constant monitoring. We are receiving daily direction from our Director of Health at the Uncas Health District, State of Connecticut Department of Emergency Management, The Governor’s Office, our State Senator and our State Representative.

            It is important that we all remain calm and not get caught up in the hysteria. We will get thru this, if we as a community, work together. We will all be dealing with hardships in the coming weeks. Please, everyone, practice good hygiene. Try to avoid public gatherings. If you must go out, be aware of potential areas of contagion. Try not to over stock on perceived necessities, as this puts an unnecessary burden on the supply chain, as several of you have noticed in our local stores. We will follow up with more information as it becomes available.

As usual, feel free to reach out to me with concerns.


Sincerely, Charles Grant, III, Russell Beisiegel, Thomas Craney, Board of Selectman Town of Franklin

BOARD OF EDUCATION:  March 13, 2020

For COVID-19 information regarding Franklin Elementary Schools see this link:   http://franklinschoolct.org/

REGISTRAR OF VOTERS:   March 20, 2020:  

In a press conference on Thursday, March 19, 2020, Governor Ned Lamont announced CT’s primary would be POSTPONED from April 28 to June 2, 2020.  In a statement, the Secretary of State, Denise Merrill urged voters to come out and cast their vote on June 2, 2020.  It’s being delayed for your benefit, people, for the voters, because we want to make sure that everyone has the ability to vote, safely, freely, and fairly.”